Anonymous: Lau when did you join rihstopher page i thought you was apart of the chrianna page only.

lmaooo nooo i accidentally typed that instead of kay :( sorry lau is still admin on chrianna lol -kay

Anonymous: Love all the support Chris was shown today. Bow Wow, Mijo, Tank and of course his family. Sorry, just can't get with the other person that just invited herself. The look on Mamma J face said it all. She ain't here for fake mess. She just wants her son home! This case is a joke, they're dragging it out cause it's a celebrity IMO. On Monday Chris gonna walk outta there a free man!! Peace.


Anonymous: Can we have RAD tonight?

sorry how about tomorro? -kay


The fact that bow wow has a job to be at but still made time to goto court for Chris….. That’s love 😭

Anonymous: Blind Fury said "What's up to Chris Breezy" and then he started singing like Chris and sang right into his battle rap lyrics.
Anonymous: That fuckin ring!!! Them nigglets was engaged idc what nobody says


Anonymous: It's great to see djbabydrew showing Chris support. If I'm not mistaken, he's not his DJ anymore. Congrats to Rihanna being first black female lead in a dream works movie! My faves are better than everyone else's! Lol.


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